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Awards & Honors
Rockefeller virologist Charles M. Rice honored with Nobel Prize for research that contributed to a cure for hepatitis C

Our scientists are remarkably productive and empowered to perform at their best. That’s why we have an unparalleled concentration of researchers and trainees recognized with top awards—including the world’s most prestigious bioscience prizes.

Recent Awards

2020 Canada Gairdner International Award for Biomedical Science
Elaine Fuchs
Fuchs, a world leader in the study of skin biology, is being recognized for revealing the molecular mechanisms by which skin stem cells make and repair tissues.
2020 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences
Jeffrey M. Friedman
Friedman's discovery of the hormone leptin has transformed our understanding of obesity.
Max Planck-Humboldt Medal
Luciano Marraffini
Amelia Escolano portrait
Blavatnik Regional Award Finalist
Amelia Escolano
Marc Schneeberger Pané portrait
Blavatnik Regional Award Finalist
Marc Schneeberger Pané
Rita Allen Foundation Scholar
Jeremy M. Rock
Laura Duvall
Blavatnik Regional Award
Laura Duvall
Carla Nasca portrait
Blavatnik Regional Award Finalist
Carla Nasca
Liling Wan portrait
Blavatnik Regional Award Finalist
Liling Wan
Samantha Larsen
Regeneron Prize for Innovation
Samantha Larsen
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
Priya Rajasethupathy
Vallee Scholar
Li Zhao
Pershing Square Sohn Prize
Shixin Liu
Tri-Institutional Breakout Award
Alexander Meeske
NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award
Brian T. Chait
NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award
Erich D. Jarvis
Tri-Institutional Breakout Award
Laura Duvall

Awards given by Rockefeller University

Pearl Meister Greengard Award


Xiaowei Zhuang pioneered the development of super-resolution and genome-scale imaging techniques that transcend the limits of traditional light microscopy.

Lewis Thomas Prize


The author of The Emperor of all Maladies, a best-selling book about cancer, was presented with Rockefeller’s science writing award at a public ceremony on campus.