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Lewis Thomas Prize

Richard O. Prum, Ph.D.

Honoring the Scientist as Poet

Richard O. Prum, Ph.D.
William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology, Yale University
Author of The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World–and Us

Erich D. Jarvis, Ph.D.

APRIL 20, 2021

An International Award for Writing About Science

Throughout history, scientists and writers have sought to communicate with one another, despite barriers of language and process. The Rockefeller University Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science honors the rare individual who bridges both worlds—whose voice and vision can tell us about science’s aesthetic and philosophical dimensions, providing not merely new information but cause for reflection, even revelation.

The Lewis Thomas Prize was established in 1993 by the trustees of The Rockefeller University and presented to Lewis Thomas, its first recipient, that year.