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Student and teacher at microscope

The Parents & Science initiative is a unique resource for parents and educators who want to learn more about how scientific research is transforming our understanding of childhood and adolescent health and behavior.

The Rockefeller University’s Parents & Science Initiative was launched to:

  • Create a forum for parents and educators to learn more about how scientific research is impacting our knowledge of childhood development
  • Showcase Rockefeller scientists whose investigations are contributing to the knowledge and treatment of childhood diseases
  • Support Rockefeller University’s RockEDU Science Outreach
  • Bring together Rockefeller investigators with childhood health experts, policy makers, physicians, and psychologists to address issues of concern relative to the well-being of children and adolescents

Your gift to the Parents & Science Discovery Fund supports complimentary lectures for parents and educators, Rockefeller investigators who are exploring human development and childhood diseases, and the University’s year-round, hands-on RockEDU Science Outreach programs for K–12 students and educators.