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starling cognitive
Vocal learning linked to problem solving skills and brain size
The better a songbird is at working its way around obstacles to retrieve a snack, the more complex its vocal learning ability will be.

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Stem cell-derived neurons, light micrograph
New method tracks how brain cells age
The novel technique may offer panoramic view into the mechanisms of many diseases and the enigma of aging.

bonilla profile
New faculty member untangles the mysteries of RNA folding 
Steve Bonilla will join Rockefeller as an assistant professor on October 1, 2023.

Portraits of Marder and Jan
Lily Jan and Eve Marder receive 2023 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize
Jan and Marder, who have both made fundamental contributions to neurobiology, were presented with the award in a ceremony on The Rockefeller University campus on September 20.

Colorful illustration of synapses
Unlocking how the new Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab works
As with many cutting-edge therapies, we know more about the drug's effectiveness than we do about how it actually operates. A new study reveals a possible mechanism for its impact on patients.

Latest awards & honors

Elizabeth Campbell receives the Emil von Behring Prize
August 10, 2023
Tarun Kapoor elected to the American Society for Cell Biology
August 2, 2023

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The New York Times Magazine
The Animals Are Talking. What Does It Mean?
September 20, 2023
Her Work Paved the Way for Blockbuster Obesity Drugs. Now, She’s Fighting for Recognition
September 8, 2023
Scientific American
Blood Clotting Proteins Might Help Predict Long COVID Brain Fog
September 1, 2023
New COVID Variant Detected in NYC Wastewater: What Is BA.2.86?
August 31, 2023

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