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RockEDU Science Outreach represents the collective science engagement and research education efforts at The Rockefeller University. The RockEDU team works in collaboration with scientists, students, educators, and engagement professionals to produce programs and resources to promote science engagement. From skills-building workshops to mentorship training sessions, we approach our work by supporting humanity first, science second. 

From skill-building workshops to science-themed webinars and mentorship training sessions, we approach our work by supporting humanity first, science second. Check out our research education programs for high school juniors and seniors ( LAB Jumpstart and SSRP). Find our content at RockEDU Online and be on the lookout for Talking Science and Science Saturday announcements.

Students in the lab

Opportunities for students

RockEDU is excited to continue our in-person programming for students. Applications for our mentored research skills building programs, LAB Jumpstart and SSRP, open in the fall. You can also check out our DIY-research resources, video series, blog, and more at RockEDU Online.

Jeanne and Disan in the classroom

Opportunities for educators

RockEDU is here to serve you and your students. We have new DIY-research and D4P webinar resources coming to RockEDU Online

As always, you can find lots of resources for your classroom on RockEDU Online’s Learning Resources hub at

Mentorship at RockEDU

Opportunities for the Rockefeller and Tri-I communities

RockEDU is committed to providing the members of the Rockefeller and Tri-I communities with the opportunity to develop their mentorship skills. Participating in any of our programs will allow you to work directly with the RockEDU team as they support and guide your development as a mentor. We encourage you to explore our range of currently available mentorship experiences.

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Student 2021

The process of science changed for me because I thought that it was difficult and that I couldn’t be wrong, but this program allowed to be confident in my abilities and in my mistakes as well as understand that the science process is fun.