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Image of: RockEDU BIOME

RockEDU: BIOME (Building Interative Opportunites for Mentorship Education) is a virtual slack community that is designed to facilitate connection and collaboration among members of the scientific community at Tri-I (Rockefeller University, MSKCC, and Weill Cornell) around the theme of mentorship. Through the BIOME community, and its foundation of J.E.D.I. principles (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), we aim to normalize the professionalization of these skills and enable open conversations and meaningful connections around mentorship education.

The community uses Slack as its central “hub” and hosts most of its events over Zoom and in conjunction with Google drive and Padlet for group-based activities. Logistic information and event updates are shared through our BIOME newsletters. BIOME community members are able to participate by consuming information from our Slack space and newsletter, attending any of our events (workshop series, one-time lectures, and/or weekly informal discussions), or contributing to the broader vision of our community in a collaborative capacity.

The BIOME community Slack space and newsletter launched in February 2021 for members of the Rockefeller University community. As of April 2021, members of our Tri-I community (MSKCC and Weill Cornell) are invited to participate.

Fill out the interest form if you’d like to join our Slack space. Subscribe the BIOME newsletter here!