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Volunteer With RockEDU

Scientists who volunteer with us develop teaching and group management skills applicable to K-12 and college level education as well as a deeper understanding of the broader impact of their work.


RockEDU engages with our local NYC educational community through several programs in our Learning At the Bench (LAB) initiatives to meet students and teachers at various levels in order to foster active dialogue with scientists, hands-on experience in an authentic lab, and increasing awareness of the science all around us.

Audience: Middle and High School Classes from NYC Schools

Duration: Full day (10am – 2:30pm)

Frequency: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during school year

Commitment Level: We have several volunteer options to accommodate busy schedules. Scientists can work with us during the morning or during the afternoon, or if they can – the full day.

Description: Full-day, out of school fieldtrips designed to engage middle and high school science students and their teachers in ongoing research in a way that is hands-on and relevant to themselves and their communities. Get to know students living in our local community. LAB Experiences are designed to engage middle and high school science students and teachers in ongoing research at The Rockefeller University. As a LAB Experience volunteer you will act as a teacher and mentor. Engage with a broader representation of our local community–the people we are doing science for.


Audience: High School Students from the NYC Area

Duration: Talk 4:30-6pm

Frequency: Every 3rd Friday of the month

Commitment Level: After the talk there is an opportunity for volunteers to communicate their science in a casual setting with high school students over snacks and refreshments. You do not need to prepare – the goal is to give HS students the opportunity to simply chat with an actual scientists, allowing them to connect with scientists and science on a more human level.

Description: RockEDU Presents are free science-cafe-style talks for high school students and teachers. This series was born out of a conversation with representatives from the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), who described an unmet need for their student population: high school students are rarely exposed to authentic research by scientists. By offering a lecture series in the style of a Science Cafe, in collaboration with the NYC DOE, we believe that we can help address the need of these important community stakeholders, and reach a large and very interested high school student audience while also showcasing diversity in science.



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