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The Rockefeller University has a tradition of giving back to the community through education initiatives for New York area students and teachers. Talking Science (grades 9-12) and Science Saturday (grades K-8) are presented annually by The Rockefeller University’s RockEDU Science Outreach Program.

Talking Science is designed to engage high school students and their teachers through interactive lectures and demonstrations in areas of current research being conducted at the University. This annual event, led by members of Rockefeller’s world-class faculty, is offered at no cost to the students or school.

This program, established in 1959, is modeled on a popular series of science talks for children pioneered in London in 1826 by Michael Faraday, considered to be one of the greatest experimenters in the history of science. This year, Talking Science will be held virtually as a Zoom webinar. With no traditional space limitations on capacity, all high school teachers and their students are encouraged to participate.

The Rockefeller University gratefully acknowledges the Andreas C. Dracopoulos Family Science and Society Initiative for underwriting this program as well as other science outreach initiatives at Rockefeller.

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The RockEDU Science Outreach program relies heavily on philanthropy to continue its success. Rockefeller University invites corporations, foundations, and individuals to join in supporting this program with gifts of all sizes. Learn more about RockEDU at