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Useful Part Numbers

At times it can be needed that samples are prepared by the user and below are listed some parts that can be very useful and/or critical when preparing samples.

  • Auto sampler vials: Thermo Scientific Polypropylene vials for Famos, PN: 160134.
  • Orange caps for auto sampler vials: Sun Sri 11 MM snap cap is available from Fisher, PN:  14-823-521.
  • STAGE tips: Thermo Scientific STAGETIP C18 MAT 200UL 96PC – Thermo Scientific SP301, PN: NC0028383.
  • SDS-PAGE staining: Colloidal Blue, PN: LC6025
  • 17 ‘Heavy’ amino acids (polar metabolite profiling), Cambridge Isotope Laboratories: 2.5 mM pre-mixed Heavy Amino Acid (AA) mix (U-13C, 15N), PN: MSK-A2-1.2.
  • LCMS grade methanol for extraction: Methanol, Optima™ LC/MS Grade, Fisher Chemical, PN: A4564
  • LCMS grade water: Water, Optima™ LC/MS Grade, Fisher Chemical, PN: W64.
  • LCMS grade acetonitrile, Optima™ LC/MS Grade, Fisher Chemical, PN: A9554.
  • Chloroform for HPLC/GC from Sigma, PN: 650471-1L.
  • Vials/tube designed to work with very small sample amounts: Eppendorf: LoBind.