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Proteomics Resource Center

The Proteomics Resource Center at The Rockefeller University offers analysis and synthesis of biomolecules for The Rockefeller University community on a subsidized, cost-recovery basis. The Center is also available to other academic institutions.

Though the main focus is identification of proteins and peptides by bottom-up tandem mass spectrometry based proteomics (see tutorial below), the analysis of other biomolecular compounds – for example metabolites and drugs – are within the scope of the Proteomics Resource Center. Additional mass spectrometry techniques used in the Center include Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) and Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM).

Peptide synthesis is also offered by the Center. The peptide synthesis laboratory synthesizes single peptides with or without modifications and/or stable isotope labeled residues, as well as peptides for arrays.

Selected instruments housed in the Center are available for walk-up use.

Basic research within the Center is performed to further the development of methodologies for microanalytical techniques and biopolymer synthesis. The goal is to extend the limits of sensitivity and broaden the range of services provided to investigators.  A short text describing the Proteomics Resource Center for e.g. grant applications is available here.

A few glossaries relevant to Proteomics are listed here. Also, download our flyer describing the the PRC.

Proteomics Resource Center staff picture

The Proteomics Resource Center. From left to right: Joe, Henry, Sue, Brian, Milica and Henrik.