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Proteomics Resource Center

The Proteomics Resource Center (RRID:SCR_017797) at The Rockefeller University offers analysis of biomolecules for The Rockefeller University community on a subsidized, cost-recovery basis. The Center is also available to other not-for-profit institutions. The Center is located in the southeastern part of The Rockefeller University campus in The Rockefeller Research Building: RRB157. The Center is guided by and reports to a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) on a regularly basis.

The Center’s team members are analytical chemists with expertise in proteomics and metabolomics. The corner stone of the Center is liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) which we apply to proteomics, metabolomics, lipid and small molecule analysis – see  examples of projects analyzed by the Center.

The Center is equipped with nano-flow as well as higher flow LC. The majority of our instruments are of the Orbitrap type which offer high mass accuracy and high resolution. The Center is equipped with, and has expertise in using, a wide array of software for data analysis. A full list of hardware and software are available here.  Selected instruments housed in the Center are available for walk-up use.

The goal of the Center is to extend the limits of sensitivity and broaden the range of tools provided to investigators by implementing and developing novel and useful analytical techniques. To achieve the above we operate in a boutique style, encouraging the scientists of the Center and the users to collaborate to create a tailored approach to fit the many unique questions that can be answered using our tools and expertise. On a yearly basis, the Center is working with approximately 200 individual users and handles 500+ sample requests making the Center the to-go-to place to discuss analytical concepts, experiments and data analysis.

A short text describing the Center for e.g. grant applications is available here.



Proteomics Resource Center

Download our flyer to learn more about the Proteomics Resource Center.

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Internal Rockefeller users can access pLIMS sample information, progress, and final invoices using the link below.
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