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Typical Projects

The PRC offers a wide variety of LC-MS and LC-MS/MS analyses. Some, but not all, are listed below and include proteomics and metabolomic mass spectrometry based experiments. References for some analyzes are included.

  • Mass spectrometry based affinity purification analysis (aka co-IPs, pulldowns) 1.
  • Profiling, quantitative as well as qualitative, of complex samples 2, 3.
  • Targeted analysis using either PRM 4 or MRM 5.
  • SDS-PAGE gel band analysis.
  • De-novo sequencing of peptides 6.
  • N- and C-terminal mapping of proteins 7.
  • PTM analysis 8,9,10.
  • Analysis of polar metabolites* 11.
  • Nucleoside analysis 12.
  • Analysis of small drugs 5.
  • Data Dependent lipid profiling* 13.
  • Aldehyde analysis based on derivation 14.
  • Neurotransmitter analysis.
  • Analysis of HLA-type peptides.

*) currently only available for internal groups.

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Internal Rockefeller users can access pLIMS sample information, progress, and final invoices using the link below.
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