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Yao T
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Regulation of flowering time by SPL10/MED25 module in Arabidopsis

NEW PHYTOLOGIST 2019 OCT; 224(1):493-504
Wolfisberg R
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Replicons of a Rodent Hepatitis C Model Virus Permit Selection of Highly

JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2019 OCT; 93(19):? Article e00733-19
Animal hepaciviruses represent promising surrogate models for hepatitis
Nikolaou KC
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The RNA-Binding Protein A1CF Regulates Hepatic Fructose and Glycerol

CELL REPORTS 2019 OCT 8; 29(2):283-300.e8
The regulation of hepatic gene expression has been extensively studied
Billing AM
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A Systems-level Characterization of the Differentiation of Human

Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) are self-renewing multipotent
Fins JJ
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Mosaic Decisionmaking and Severe Brain Injury: Adding Another Piece to

CAMBRIDGE QUARTERLY OF HEALTHCARE ETHICS 2019 OCT; 28(4):737-743 Article PII S0963180119000677
Jarvis ED
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Evolution of vocal learning and spoken language

SCIENCE 2019 OCT 4; 366(6461):50-54
Although language, and therefore spoken language or speech, is often considered unique to humans, the past several decades have seen a surge in nonhuman animal studies that inform us about human spoken language. Here, I present a modern, evolution-based synthesis of these studies, from behavioral to molecular levels of analyses. Among the key concepts drawn are that components of spoken language are continuous between species, and that the vocal learning component is the most specialized and rarest and evolved by brain pathway duplication from an ancient motor learning pathway. These concepts have important implications for understanding brain mechanisms and disorders of spoken language.
Ganesh K
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A rectal cancer organoid platform to study individual responses to

NATURE MEDICINE 2019 OCT; 25(10):1607-1614
Rectal cancer (RC) is a challenging disease to treat that requires
Del Duca E
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Major Differences in Expression of Inflammatory Pathways in Skin from

Riessland M
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Loss of SATB1 Induces p21-Dependent Cellular Senescence in Post-mitotic

CELL STEM CELL 2019 OCT 3; 25(4):514-530.e8
Cellular senescence is a mechanism used by mitotic cells to prevent
Fins JJ
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Disorders of Consciousness, Past, Present, and Future

CAMBRIDGE QUARTERLY OF HEALTHCARE ETHICS 2019 OCT; 28(4):603-615 Article PII S0963180119000719
This paper, presented as the 2019 Cambridge Quarterly Neuroethics