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Phase III+: The University is open for expanded research operations; only authorized personnel will be admitted on campus. More info here.

Zero-contact sample drop-off protocol

For everyone’s safety, the PRC has established procedures that minimize if not eliminate interactions between PRC staff and users. All doors to the PRC are and will remain locked. A doorbell is available. Users must follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. User must contact the PRC by email (pref.) or phone regarding analysis requests. Please provide relevant sample information (for example taxonomy, goal, amounts, etc). The PRC team will decide if additional information is needed and if so arrange a mutually convenient time for a Skype/phone/Zoom interview.
  2. The PRC team will create a submission entry and the user must pick-up generated sample PRC Identification Labels* at a designated spot . The User must label the samples using the PRC Identification Labels prior to drop-off and store samples in a zip-lock bag or similar clearly marked container. Include User’s full name, lab name, and number of samples. DO NOT label samples in the “drop-off zone” since this can results in congestion.
  3. The User and PRC team will arrange for mutually convenient sample drop-off time at a designated location: Styrofoam box placed in RRB101 corridor – see map and photo below.
  4. PRC team will wear gloves when handling sample vial(s).
  5. The PRC team will share results per email and if needed via Box or similar. The User is very much encouraged to contact the PRC team by electronic means and the PRC team will set up a time to discuss experiments in a virtual setting.

*) PRC Identification Labels can also shared electronically as a .PDF file. This will allow the user to print in their own lab. The user must cut-and-paste to label each sample vial with the PRC Identification Labels. If many submissions are expected the user can pick-up, at a designated spot, label sheets to print adhesive PRC Identification Labels.

PRC sample drop-off in RRB101 corridor.

PRC sample drop-off in RRB101 corridor. Only use AFTER agreement with PRC. You can/you should use the doorbell to indicate that you dropped off your sample(s).