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Sample-Drop-Off protocol

To allow the PRC team to prepare a sample submission,  please fill out one of the Sample Submission Form* with as much information as possible. Not filling out and sharing questionnaire can cause delays. We understand that some questions can be difficult to answer or are not relevant. Please reach out to the PRC regarding any doubts. Important: The questionnaire does not necessarily substitute an electronic meeting which can be needed for specialized or more complex analysis.

Sample Drop-Off Protocol

  1. Complete and share the Submission Form (.pdf form works best with with Chrome or Microsoft Edge) with the PRC ahead of sample drop‐off.
  2. Based on the provided information the PRC will generate a submission entry which include PRC sample identification labels. Labels will be made available as either a .pdf document or ‘sticky labels’ – the latter for pick‐up at the PRC door.
  3. The user and PRC team member must agree on a sample drop‐off time at the entrance to the PRC (RRB 101 corridor)#. Please use the doorbell to summon the PRC.
    Important: Do not leave the samples unattended, unless instructed to do so by the PRC team.
    #Important: External user sample drop-off will take place at the 66th Street/York Ave. entrance to The Rockefeller University.
  4. The PRC team will share results per email and if needed via Box or similar.  The User is very much encouraged to contact the PRC team by electronic means and the PRC team will set up a time to discuss experiments in a virtual setting.

Internal user sample drop-off: 1st fl. of RRB. Zero-Contact Sample-Drop-Off for the PRC.


External users to arrange sample drop-off at the 66th Street/York Ave. gate.

External users to arrange sample drop-off at the 66th Street/York Ave. gate.