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Procurement Policies and Procedures

These Procurement Policies have been reviewed and approved by the Rockefeller University Administration and the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP).

  1. General Statement of Policy
  2. Nature of Procurement Transactions
  3. Procurement Requirements
    1. Preferential use of the centralized purchasing system
    2. Purchasing approvals and the approval hierarchy
    3. University purchasing system for University business only
    4. Avoidance of unnecessary or duplicate items and excessive shipping costs
    5. Solicitations of bids and quotations
    6. Standing purchase orders and blanket purchase orders
    7. Minority and small business sources of supplies and services
    8. Instrument/equipment procurement
    9. Vendor/contractor reliability
    10. Evaluation of price or cost analysis
    11. Procurements Made with Federal Fnds
    12. Documentation for Purchases over $10,000
    13. Contracts
    14. Contracts/subcontracts using Federal funds
    15. Proposed sole-source contracts less than $10,000 chargeable to Federal grants
    16. Prepayments and deposits
  4. Purchasing Procedures
  5. Controlled, Restricted and Permit Only Materials
  6. Returns
  7. Repairs
  8. Two-Way and Three-Way Matches
  9. Use of Oracle iProcurement

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