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Purchase Order Status

Inquires regarding purchase order or sales order (Storeroom) status or any procurement inquiry or receiving or storeroom inquiry are referred to:

Responses will be within (1) business day or less from receipt of the inquiry. The Purchasing Department will provide updates on the progress of any inquiry not fully resolved within (1) business day.

As a reminder, to ensure next day delivery, requisitions must be submitted and approved by department hierarchy within Oracle iProcurement by 11:00 am. Purchasing will make every effort to honor any requisition request for next day service that is approved by department hierarchy and submitted after 11:00 am, but cannot guarantee next day delivery. All next day deliveries are subject to vendor product availability. Order delivery by the vendor may be subject to delays due to order processing and/or order volume by the vendor, weather/traffic related issues by the courier/delivery service contracted by the vendor.