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Green Sustainable Procurement

The Rockefeller University Purchasing Department is committed to and supports environmentally sound procurement practices. In addition to providing quality goods and services to support the scientific endeavors of The Rockefeller University, there is also a commitment to the environment through green or sustainable sound procurement practices. The Purchasing Department supports current recycling practices such as toner recycling and the recycling of receiving and shipping materials. Purchasing continues to aggressively negotiate pricing of commodities that are energy efficient and environmentally responsible. As part of this initiative, the University Stockroom offers many items that are made from recycled materials. Please review the following links for additional information on the recycled content:

Office Paper Available from the University Stockroom

RU Environmental Recycled Stock Item

These links can also be found in the RUFirst iProcurement Purchasing News site.

For additional information on sustainable procurement, please contact the Purchasing Department:

Sustainability at The Rockefeller University

For additional information on the Sustainability Committee, please see: Other Green Efforts