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Materials Management

Mission Statement

The mission of Materials Management, composed of the combined efforts of Purchasing, Receiving, the Storeroom (Stockroom) and Inventory Control, is the procurement and receipt of goods and services in a cost-effective, expeditious  and compliant manner, and the maintenance of an internal supply center for immediate access to a large collection of University commodities to support the scientific research and administrative endeavors of The Rockefeller University.

General Supplier Application

RUFirst System





Updated: 04/19/2024

Special Note  to Request  Vendors  to come on to campus to provide deliverables (goods/services) for University business purposes:

  • The university resource, authorized by the Head of Lab or Head of Department must complete with at least (1)  business day prior of the request for each vendor resource requesting  campus access, the following MS Form for the University Security Department:
  • Vendors are reminded that upon completion of their meeting or service(s) with the University department, they MUST vacate campus; roaming throughout the campus to solicit additional business from any department is strictly prohibited.
  • Should any vendor on campus become ill (non-emergency) while performing service on any University equipment, that vendor resource will immediately report that they are feeling ill to the onsite University Department Resource, which will then instruct the vendor to immediately cease all service and vacate the campus to seek appropriate external medical assistance. The department will email Occupational Health Service of the vendor illness in the event medical surveillance of the University Staff and disinfection of the equipment needs to be implemented by the University.  Vendors must direct any notice regarding a positive COVID test result of any employee who accessed the University campus within the prior 14 days to the  University Health and Wellness .