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Phase III Operations: The University is open for expanded research operations; only authorized personnel will be admitted on campus. More info here.


Requests for equipment repairs are submitted as a requisition through Oracle iProcurement. If a P.O. number is required immediately, you may put a message in the “Notes to Purchasing” field to call you with the P.O. number. If not, the P.O. number will appear in the Order Number field under Requisition Status of Oracle iProcurement once the requisition is processed. Your originator copy will also be sent to you via inter-departmental mail.

If the item must be sent out for repair, you must contact the vendor to discuss the nature of the problem. Obtain a return authorization if necessary, the correct address for shipment and the contact person’s name. Submit an Oracle iProcurement requisition for the repair. Be sure to include the model and serial number of the item.

Scientific equipment must be cleared and certified free of contamination by either the Laboratory Safety officer or by LS&EH personnel prior to release to repair personnel. Requests for contamination checks by LS&EH may be made by calling ext. 8324. If the Laboratory Safety Officer is providing the certification, s/he must complete the equipment release form that is available on line on the LS&EH website to accompany the equipment for repair.

If you are sending the item to the vendor, pack the item properly and enclose any pertinent paperwork detailing the nature of the problem. Copies of the paperwork must be sent via email or fax (ext. 7905) to the Purchasing Department. The item may then be brought to the 64th Street Receiving Department to be shipped out to the vendor. (Please review section under Receiving : Shipping).

The end user should request appropriate insurance levels on any item to be sent to a vendor for repair.