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Phase III Operations: The University is open for expanded research operations; only authorized personnel will be admitted on campus. More info here.

Instrument/equipment procurement

  • The instrument shall suit the scientific, operational, and/or infrastructural needs of the Laboratory or Department.
  • Only approved and authorized purchase orders issued by the Purchasing Department are to be used for equipment procurement transactions, including any equipment acquired for demonstration or trial basis purposes.
  • The appropriateness of “trial period” transactions for equipment will be reviewed by the Director of Materials Management & CPO and by other University Administrative Departments as appropriate.
  • Purchase orders from requisitions for equipment trials or product demonstrations will be obligated to an invoice only upon written notification of acceptance of the trial period and all applicable terms and conditions sent by the Head of Laboratory or Department to the Director of Materials Management & CPO.
  • Contractual arrangements (e.g., fixed fee, reimbursable cost) must be set as the most advantageous to the University with respect to cost-effectiveness, deliverable quality by the vendor, and payment schedule if other than net (30) days. All such terms are subject to additional review by the Director of Materials Management & CPO and the Office of General Counsel.
  • Trade-in arrangements for University equipment must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Materials Management & CPO and may be subject to review and approval by other University Administrative Offices.
  • See the section on “Solicitation of bids and quotations” for information on the requirements for RFQs related to equipment acquisitions.