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Cytek Aurora


Cytek Aurora is a newly build spectral analyzer incorporating a unique combination of patent-pending innovative technologies that has a unique capability of measuring the entire emission spectra of the fluorescent dyes excited by multiple lasers installed on the instrument. The Aurora system is equipped with five lasers (355, 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm excitation wavelengths), three scattering channels, and could detect up to 64 fluorescence channels. The full spectrum capture enables the use of the novel unmixing algorithms for the further data analysis. Till now up to 43 different fluorescent labels could be resolved at same time, even when multiple markers are co-expressed on the same cell. The new SpectroFlo™ software offers an intuitive workflow from QC to data analysis with technology-enabling tools that simplify running any application.

  • 64 channels of detection over the full emission spectra
  • Beyond 40 different fluorescent labels demonstrated including dyes with emission spectra in close proximity to each other
  • Sensitivity redefined using state-of-the-art optics and low-noise electronics
  • No changing optical filters for any fluorochrome. Use any commercially available dye excited by the lasers onboard
  • Automatic Micro-Sampling System (plate loader) offers 96-well plate (U-bottom, V-bottom, and flat bottom) acquisition with ease of use, low carry over and minimal dead volume
  • A powerful, high value system that is accessible to a wide range of users

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