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Flow Cytometry Resource Center

The Flow Cytometry Resource Center (FCRC) provides University investigators with equipment and support for cell sorting (separation), acquisition, and analysis of flow cytometric data. All flow cytometry procedures require sample to be in the form of single cell suspension.

The Flow Cytometry Resource Center (FCRC) provides researchers with a wide variety of state-of-art multi-laser/multi-color flow cytometry sorters and analyzers, as well as an imaging flow cytometer.

Cell sorting is performed by FCRC staff on three BD FACSAria cell sorters equipped with up to six-lasers (488, 561, 640, 355, 405, and 445 nm excitation wavelengths) and 18 fluorescence channel detection. All the cell sorters are able to perform high-speed (up to 20,000 events/sec), high-purity (up to 99.9%) sterile sorts into different types of devices (tubes, plates, slides, or custom-made devices).

The ImageStream-X combines the strength of flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy in a single platform. It allows for high content assays on rare cells and quantification of biological phenomena with incredible accuracy. The ImageStream-X is able to simultaneously record up to 10-color images with the four-laser excitation (488, 561, 658, and 405 nm wavelengths). Data acquisition on ImageStream-X is performed by FCRC staff.

The FCRC is equipped with three advanced benchtop analyzers (BD LSRIIs and BD LSR-Fortessa) equipped with up to five-lasers (488, 561, 640, 355, and 405 nm excitation wavelengths) and 18 fluorescence channels. The Center also has one basic analyzer — BD Accuri® C6 with two-lasers/four-channels. After completion of appropriate equipment training (“Beyond the Basics” Class and Instrument Hands-On Training), researchers have full time access to and can operate the analyzers themselves.

The FCRC staff offers:

The mission of Flow Cytometry Resource Center is to offer researchers efficient and reliable flow cytometric services with the highest standards of quality control and productivity.