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Cell Sorting and ImageStream-X Schedule (effective 07/08/19)



1 Online Self-Booking

2 FCRC ImageStream Waiting List Form

3 FCRC Sort Waiting List Form

* Tuesday schedules on Aria-3 and ImageStream-X are tentatively open on both instruments; the FCRC will run one of them. As soon as one of them gets the first session booked the alternative instrument’s schedule gets blocked

& The Aria-1 schedule for two days a week is available via the “Waiting List Form”. In this case booking is managed by the FCRC staff on the first come-first booked basis:

  • For urgent sorts
  • Lengthy sorts, sorts which involve a lot of additional cleaning downtime (bacteria) and evaluation after
  • Sorts transferred from Aria-2 and Aria-3 in case of an essential extension of the sorting time or service/maintenance on these instruments


For booking, reschedule and cancel, please refer to the JumpStart

The FCRC will endeavor to accommodate your sorting and IS-X needs and will, when possible, customize the FCRC Cell Sorting and IS-X Schedule to do so. If you need to book time on the FCRC instrument and the desired time is not available for booking on FCRC-PPMS, please use two options available

Two possibilities to get time booked on FCRC instrument when the desired time is not available for booking