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ThermoFisher Attune NxT


The ThermoFisher Attune™ NxT Flow Cytometer combines precision with performance in a true benchtop flow cytometer with four lasers (405,  488, 561 and 637 nm) and 16 parameters of detection.

The Cytometer was developed with acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing technology, and advanced fluidics designed to minimize clogging and effectively handle a broad range of cell types. This allows to run samples up to 10x faster and achieve greater resolution with little fear of sample loss due to clogging, for a higher degree of data, detail, and throughput that enables processing of a large range of sample types, including large clumpy cells, samples with a low concentration of cells, and precious samples, more quickly and accurately than ever before with no loss in data quality.

The addition of the CytKick™ Max Autosampler enables significantly faster high-throughput screening on a multiparametric platform in plate formats, including 96-well, 384-well, and deep-wells with the high volume intake. The Attune NxT flow cytometer is ideal for immunophenotyping and signaling studies, cell cycle analysis, detection of rare events, stem cell analysis, cancer and apoptosis studies, microbiological assays, and more.

• Flexibility in sample concentrations and sample types
• Maximum electronic speed of 65,000 events/sec
• Analyze small or limited samples faster than ever
• Customizable band pass filters for expanded fluorochrome choices
• Simple push-button sample recovery function
• Elimination of time-consuming concentration steps with No-Wash, No-Lyse Filter Kit

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