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Training Policy 

All users must be certified for each and every piece of equipment prior to use without exception. After a user is comfortable with the basic machines and demonstrated basic proficiency, the Instrumentation Engineer will approve card key access to the PIT for them..

New users are required to fill out a Machine Safety form for each machine type.

Users can reserve machine time via the PPMS system after certification has been granted.

Access for beginning users is confined to hours when the Facility’s director is present.

The lathe, mill, and bandsaw can be operated only during working hours, from 9:00 until 17:00. The use at other times is permitted to qualified personnel if two or more people are present.

Training Sessions

Autonomous and Simple Equipment Training (3D Printer, Laser Cutter, Bandsaw, Drill Press) will be offered by appointment only. Each Session takes approximately 30 minutes.

Heavy Equipment Training (Mill, Lathe, CNC Mill) will be given on a case-by-case basis. Each session is limited to 3 people and will include general machinering and metalworking skills as well as machine specifics skills. Classes vary by length depending on the complexity of the part being made.