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Updates on the University COVID-19 response and operations available here.
Updates on the University COVID-19 response and operations available here.
Updates on the University COVID-19 response and operations available here.

Precision Instrumentation Technologies

Welcome to the Rockefeller University Precision Instrumentation Technologies (PIT)

The Precision Instrumentation Technologies (RRID:SCR_020989) provides access to various fabrication and rapid prototyping tools for qualified users. The shop allows users to design and build their own research tools by providing access to a wide array of prototyping and fabrication equipment, as well as design and fabrication consultation. The PIT is located in the A level of Plaza Building, Room A4.


Access to equipment in the PIT requires training and certification for the safety of the users and equipment. Training sessions for the printer and laser cutter will be held on request. Training sessions for the heavier equipment (CNC, lathe, mill, and bandsaw) will be offered only after a user has demonstrated a strong need for those machines.  All users must be certified for each and every piece of equipment prior to use without exception. After a user is comfortable with the basic machines and demonstrated basic proficiency, the Instrumentation Engineer will approve card key access to the PIT for them.

Operation and Safety

Access for beginning users is confined to hours when the Instrumentation Engineer is present.  The lathe, mill, and bandsaw can be operated only during working hours, 9:00 until 17:00.  Use at other times is permitted only by qualified personnel and only if two or more people are present in the PIT. No one may work alone in the PIT.

Users must observe all shop rules that are posted throughout the Facility, as well as tool specific instructions on each piece of equipment. Any rule violations will result in suspension and potential eviction from the Facility premises indefinitely.

The PIT offers prototyping and other stock materials, however, please supply your own materials for larger projects.


The PIT also provides design consultation and fabrication assistance to all University researchers. To ensure high quality service, the PIT asks you to kindly schedule an appointment.


FY23 Annual Membership and Fees

Precision Instrumentation Technology Facility FY23 Access and Materials Fees
July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023
DIY: Training¹ and guidance² on and access to design software, 3D printers.
For Labs/Centers with Annual rate1 Materials cost covered per Lab/Center
up to 4 users  $              582  passed through to user
5 to 8 users  $           1,164  passed through to user
More than 8 users  $           2,328  passed through to user
Specialized Training2  $75.00/hr
Consultation3  $75.00/hr
Design and Engineering Services: Design, engineering and machining support and services
RU labs, Tri-I and RCs    $40/hr Passed through to user
External users (non profit only) $100/hr Passed through to user
1Fees will be charged monthly. Minimum access period is 3 months.
2Orientation and general training is covered by the access fee.
3Advice and general guidance is covered by the access fee.

Questions about the operation of the facility should be sent to Peer Strogies, or Amy Wilkerson.



For general inquiries or to discuss new projects, send an email to, or schedule directly

Peer Strogies, Scientific Machinist 
Precision Instrumentation Technologies, Plaza Building, Level A
Schedule a meeting
Phone: 212-327-7044

James Petrillo, Instrumentation Engineer
Precision Instrumentation Technologies, Plaza Building, Level A
Schedule a meeting
Phone: 212-327-7056