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FY24 Annual Facility Access, Materials Fees and Services
July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

DIY: Training1, guidance², and access3 to design software, 3D printers. For Labs/Centers with Annual rate1 Materials cost covered per Lab/Center
up to 4 users  $              600  passed through to user
5 to 8 users  $           1,200  passed through to user
More than 8 users  $           2,400  passed through to user
Specialized Training2  $75.00/hr
Consultation3  $75.00/hr
Design and Engineering Services: Design, engineering and machining support and services
RU labs, Tri-I and RCs    $42/hr Passed through to user
External users (non-profit only) $100/hr Passed through to user
1Orientation and general training are covered by the access fee.
2Advice and general guidance are covered by the access fee.
3Access fees are charged monthly. Minimum access period is 3 months.