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Machine Reservations

Facility tools are open to only those who have completed the required training.

Machines are open to reservation via the PPMS system.

New users need to create an account here PPMS account.

  • Reservations for the 3D Printer and Laser Cutter are open to any user who has received the proper training.
  • Reservations for the CNC mill will require special training by request only.
  • Reservations for the lathe and mill are open to anyone who has had the Heavy Machine Training and has demonstrated proficiency with the machine. This proficiency is at the director’s discretion.

Stock Material Policy

Acrylic sheets, Delrin sheets, 3D printer material as well as 6061 Aluminum sheets, blocks and rods are stocked within the shop for use by all trained personnel. These materials are for initial prototyping and testing. We kindly ask that you provide your own materials if you plan to extensively use the shop or frequently manufacture items. If you need assistance in finding where to purchase specific materials please ask the shop director or visit