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Welcome to Rockefeller University’s Precision Instrumentation Technologies

  1. Be Smart
    Equipment in the PIT is powerful and designed to cut and shape even metal. Please use caution.
  2. Be Safe
    Closed toe shoes will help protect your feet and plastic lenses will help protect your eyes. Wear them when working in the PIT.
  3. Be Alert
    Don’t work when you are too tired, hungry, stressed or hurried to work carefully.
  4. Be Secure
    Long hair, jewelry, and loose clothes can get caught in tools and cause serious harm. Long hair must be tied up prior to use.
  5. Be Cautious
    Make sure that nothing that you do will cause you to be injured. Your safety is our top priority.
  6. Be Reasonable
    There are limits to what we can build here.
  7. Be Neat
    Tools must be returned to their proper place, machines must be cleaned and wiped down, and the floor swept after every use.
  8. Be Clean
    Return unused material to the stock area, or scrap bin. Leave this area clean.
  9. Be Curious
    Ask Jim for assistance on anything you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with.
  10. Be Nice
    Jim is your trusted friend in science; he is there to help you. Don’t be mean.


James Petrillo
Instrumentation Engineer
Precision Fabrication Facility