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The Kavli NSI supports four key initiatives:

1. Small Grants Program for Individual Projects—Investing in Originality

A novel discovery fund providing pilot grants of $25,000 or more, available on a competitive basis for early-stage and highly innovative basic science projects. All funding requests will be reviewed by the Kavli NSI Steering Committee.

2018-2019 Small Grants Program – Pilot Grant Application Information and Materials

Download Program Announcement
Download Application Form
Deadline for applications: August 6, 2018
Finalists announced October 2018
Funding cycle: November 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019
One-page Report due date: January 31, 2020

The next call for pilot grant applications will be in spring 2019 with an August 2019 deadline.

2018-2019 Pilot Grant Recipients ($25,000 each)
  • Developing a K+-based novel biomarker for sleep in Drosophila, Sofia Axelrod (Young Lab)
  • Optomechanical Stimulation for High-frequency Studies of Hair Cells, Florian Berger (Hudspeth Lab)
  • GEClbow: A Molecular Strategy to Enable Ultra-wide Field of View Calcium Imaging of the Mammalian CNS at Cellular Resolution, Matthew Davenport (Vaziri Lab)
  • Probing the neural mechanisms of uniquely human social cognition with ultrahigh-resolution intracranial electrocorticography, Benjamin Deen (Freiwald Lab)
  • Identification and Analysis of Local Mitochondiral Populations in Dopamine Neurons, Benjamin Kolisnyk and Markus Riessland (Greengard Lab)
  • Genetic code expansion to introduce site-directed infrared probes into optogenetic actuator ReaChR, Jordan Mattheisen (Sakmar Lab)
  • Developing the social spider Anelosimus studiosus for molecular and behavioral neuroscience, Alexander Paul (Kronauer Lab)
  • Decoding positive and negative valence in food-cue learning, Sarah Stern (Friedman Lab)

Click here to see a list of previous grant recipients

2. Funds for Collaborative Projects and Technology Development—Investing in Big Ideas

Grants of $100,000 to $300,000, available on a competitive basis to support internal and external collaborative projects that explore “big ideas,” with the goal of elucidating fundamental questions.

Instrument Design and Fabrication Facility
Sponsored by the Kavli NSI
The Instrument Design and Fabrication Facility (IDFF) at Rockefeller University is an engineering facility with cutting-edge equipment and staffed with engineers who enable high-end modern instrument design and fabrication. Although the IDFF was established through core funding and annual operating support from the Kavli NSI, the facility is not limited only to Kavli NSI member laboratories—it will provide end-to-end service from conceptualization to application to all labs on campus. Instruments from Rockefeller’s Precision Fabrication Facility (PFF) have moved into the IDFF space to create one core facility in newly renovated space on the A Level of the Weiss Research Building. A state-of-the-art 5-axis Hermle C22 CNC mill has been added to the collection and will enhance engineering capabilities even further. The facility opened in February 2018.

3. Kavli Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows—Investing in the Future of Neuroscience

Kavli Fellows receive a generous measure of salary/stipend and research support, are invited to serve on the Kavli NSI Steering Committee, and are expected to take leadership roles in the life of the Institute.

2019 Kavli NSI Fellowships – Application Information and Materials
Download Program Announcement
Deadline for applications: February 4, 2019
Download Application Form
Finalists announced: June 1, 2019
Appointment term: July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021

The next call for applications will be in November 2019 with a February 2020 deadline.

Kavli Fellowship Recipients

Lisa Fenk, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate, Laboratory of Integrative Brain Function
Kavli Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2019

Paul Muller
Graduate Fellow, Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology
Kavli Graduate Fellow, 2018-2020

Tobias Noebauer
Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Neurotechnology and Biophysics
Kavli Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-2020

Marc Schneeberger Pane, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics
Kavli Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2019

Meg Younger, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior
Kavli Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-2020

Click here to see a list of previous fellows

4. Seminars, Symposia, Visiting Scientists—Investing in the Kavli Community

Sponsorship of Kavli neuroscience seminars, symposia, workshops, retreats, and other academic and social gatherings. Funds may also be used to support short- and longer-term sabbatical visitors at Rockefeller.

Monthly Kavli NSI Meeting
Hosted by the Kavli Fellows
The Kavli Fellows host monthly meetings for trainees in Kavli NSI member laboratories. The format of the meeting is variable month-by-month and may include chalk talks or short presentations from 2-3 trainees on a given topic in neuroscience, NeuroData meetup, Quantitative Neuroscience Journal Club, Head of Laboratory chalk talks, and/or job talks by postdoctoral fellows. Although the agenda is flexible each month, the meetings will be planned and promoted in advance with the dual goal of promoting neuroscience on campus and increasing communication between labs. Participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback, which will be used by the organizers in structuring subsequent meetings. Please visit the Events page to see a list of upcoming dates.
Sponsorship of Inter-lab Journal Clubs and Meetings
Sponsorship opportunities are also available through the Kavli Fellows Initiative Fund to anyone interested in forming a new inter-lab, neuro-related journal club or group meeting. Clubs/meetings must be jointly organized by members of at least two different Kavli NSI member labs and attendance would be open to members from other Kavli NSI labs. A list of current journal clubs and joint meetings in existence at Rockefeller are posted here. Please contact the Kavli Fellows at to learn more.Kavli NSI member labs interested in any of the funding opportunities listed above should contact Lindsey Cole, Kavli NSI administrator, at All requests will be reviewed by the Kavli NSI Steering Committee.



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