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Virtual Classroom for Pre-Sort Consultation


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  • Define the term flow cytometry.
  • Describe the types of samples suitable for a flow cytometer.
  • Explain the properties that a flow cytometer can measure.
  • Identify the three subsystems of a flow cytometer.

 Optical measurements – 9:48

  • Describe the factors that affect light scatter.
  • Explain how light scatter and fluorescence can be used to detect populations.
  • Describe the use of excitation and emission spectra.
  • Explain what compensation is and why it is necessary for multicolor analysis.

 Sorting – 4:25

  • Describe the purpose of sorting cells or particles.
  • Explain how particle size affects the nozzle size and sheath pressure selection.
  • Describe the steps in droplet sorting.




Optimize your Flow Cytometry-Best Practices for Sample Preparation, Staining and Analysis

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