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Request FCRC Class, Consultation, Training, Help and Troubleshooting


Dear FCRC Users,

Starting from November 1st, 2019, all the FCRC Class, Consultation, Training and Help Troubleshooting Request Forms have been transferred to the FCRC-PPMS System. This is in addition to the regular booking and usage of the Cell Sorters, ImageStream-X, Analyzers and Analysis-computers.


To request FCRC Class, Consultation, Training, Help and Troubleshooting:

1. Please Log In FCRC-PPMS System

2. On the FCRC-PPMS Home page, click on “request a training”:

PPMS-FCRC forms_1

3. From the “Training Requests” menu, select the corresponding form:

PPMS-FCRC forms_2

4. Fill the form with the required information and click on “Submit request

5. After FCRC receives the form and confirms the request (within 48 business hours), you will receive an automatic confirmation email from FCRC-PPMS, and later follow-up email from an FCRC Staff member with essential details


List of Request Forms Currently Available through FCRC-PPMS:

• A0_Door Access Request
• A1_Beyond the Basics Class
• B1_Pre-Sort Consultation
• C1_Experimental Design Consultation
• C2_Pre-ImageStream-X Consultation
• C3_BD LSR Pre-Hands-On Consultation
• C4_Aurora Pre-Hands-On Consultation
• C5_Attune NxT Pre-Hands-On Consultation
• C6_BD AccuriC6 Pre-Hands-On Consultation
• D1_BD LSR Hands-On Training
• D2_BD LSR HTS Hands-On Training
• D3_Aurora Hands-On Training
• D4_Aurora AMS Hands-On Training
• D5_Attune NxT Hands-On Training
• D6_BD AccuriC6 Hands-On Training
• E1_BD LSR Instrument Help
• E2_BD LSR HTS Instrument Help
• E3_Aurora Instrument Help
• E4_Attune NxT Instrument Help
• E5_BD AccuriC6 Instrument Help
• E6_Request for Assisted Run
• F1_IDEAS Software Troubleshooting
• F2_SpectroFlo Software Troubleshooting
• F3_FCS Express Software Troubleshooting
• F4_FlowJo Software Troubleshooting
• F5_CSampler Software Troubleshooting