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  1. Four great sites for everybody from beginners to specialists-find out about different types of microscopy and work through interactive java tutorials:
  2. Other general microscopy sites, with a variety of information including meetings, short courses, useful sources of microscopy information, educational resources and vendors’ information:
  3. Link to the Stratocore web page for use of the PPMS facility management system which we use in the BIRC:
  4. Link to the Open Microscopy Environment – OME – which develops open-source software and data format standards for the storage and manipulation of biological light microscopy data:
  5. Useful information for deconvolution:

    in particular a Nyquist calculator page for optimizing sampling rate:

  6. The confocal listserver:
  7. Databases of fluorochromes, dyes, their spectra and appropriate filter combinations (both for single and multi-photon excitation):
  8. Practical Microscopy courses:
    Take an intensive short course to improve your practical microscopy skills and gain a thorough grasp of basic optical principles. Among the many on offer, I particularly recommend:


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