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Acknowledgements and Authorship

Here is the suggested text for acknowledging the BIRC resources and/or staff members in your manuscript/thesis.

“[Confocal microscopy] was performed in the Rockefeller University’s Bio-Imaging Resource Center, RRID:SCR_017791.”

“We thank [staff name(s)] from the Rockefeller University’s Bio-Imaging Resource Center, RRID:SCR_017791, for help with imaging and/or image analysis.”

The RRID is specific to the BIRC and thus will make it easy for us to track publications.

There are certain microscopes that need to be acknowledged with their grant number – such as the OMX and the multiphoton systems.  This info is on the PPMS booking page for that scope.

General guidelines on co-authorship

Co-authorship on publications for Resource Center staff may be considered appropriate when the staff have provided one or more of the following:

  • Significant intellectual contribution to the design of the published experiments;
  • Substantial practical contribution to the generation, analysis and/or interpretation of experimental data;
  • Indispensable technical support that contributes intellectually or scientifically to the advancement of the work.

Resource Center staff members who have made an intellectual or technical contribution, but of a limited nature and not justifying authorship as defined above, should be given an appropriate acknowledgement in any resulting publications. This will enable us to demonstrate our involvement in the research of a large number of laboratories at the university, aiding the procurement of future equipment.


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