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We are excited to announce that several new microscope systems, as well as upgrades to existing systems, will be introduced to the BIRC over the next few weeks.  These include:


1) The VisiTech instant-SIM (VT-iSIM) microscope:  this microscope can provide super-resolution images in real time up to 1,000 frames per second, on samples labelled with conventional fluorophores.  Think of it as a cross between the OMX and our spinning disk system on steroids!


2)  The Zeiss CellDiscoverer7 system:  Zeiss describes this automated widefield high-throughput system as combining “the ease-of-use of an automated boxed microscope with the image quality and flexibility of a classic inverted research microscope”.  The hardware-based autofocus and autocorr objectives enable the system to automatically adjust to the focus of your samples in a wide range of chamber and plate types, and the fully controlled incubation enables long-term live cell imaging.


3)  The Caliber ID RS-G4 “ribbon-scanning” confocal microscope permits tiling of large areas with unprecedented speed.  It can be used to image thick, cleared specimens in imaging chambers as well as more conventional tissue slices on slides.


4) Our trusty Zeiss 880 confocal microscope is being upgraded with the Airyscan Fast detector, providing greatly increased sensitivity as well as improved resolution:


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