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Anderson Center for Cancer Research

To advance knowledge of cancer, improve treatments of the disease, and find cures, scientists are working to understand some of the most basic principles that govern life, including how cells normally grow and divide, how they differentiate into various types of cells, how genes switch on and off, and how the body’s immune system interacts with cancer.

The Anderson Center for Cancer Research was established to encourage and support cancer-related investigations that span a range of disciplines: cell and developmental biology, immunology, medical genetics, virology, chemistry, structural biology, bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics. The approximately 30 laboratories that conduct cancer-related investigations constitute fertile ground for the kinds of collaborations and cross-disciplinary approaches most likely to produce breakthroughs.

The Anderson Center provides funding and infrastructure to support promising interdisciplinary approaches to cancer-related research, including graduate and postdoctoral fellowships for individuals working at the leading edge of cancer research.