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Anderson Cancer Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Lectures

2021-22 Virtual Lecture Series

Dr. Jason Arday, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology Durham University Monday
December 13, 12 p.m.
Intersections of race with class, mental health, and disability in higher education
Dr. Neil Lewis Jr., Ph.D.
Department of Communications Cornell University Monday
February 7, 12 p.m.
How people’s social contexts and identities influence their motivation to pursue their goals, and their success in goal pursuit efforts
Dr. Tabitha Grier-Reed, Ph.D.
College of Education and Human Development University of Minnesota Monday
March 7, 12 p.m.
Development and empirical testing of practices in education to support student development and racial and cultural diversity
Dr. Fantasy Lozada, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology Virginia Commonwealth University
Monday October 18 2021, 12 p.m.
Rescheduled: April 25, 2022, 12 p.m.
Impacts of cultural-related beliefs and race-related experiences on socioemotional competence among ethnic minority youth

2020-21 Virtual Lecture Series

Dr. Veronica Johnson, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Monday October 26, 12 p.m.
Mental health services for client populations of color, racial trauma, and racial socialization
Dr. Candace Miller, Ph.D.
O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs Indiana University
Monday December 14, 12 p.m.
Race/ethnicity, urban sociology and culture, race and belonging in university settings
Dr. Sara Burke, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology Syracuse University
Monday January 11, 12 p.m.
Intergroup bias, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and experiences of stigma
Dr. Isaac Sabat, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology Texas A & M University
Monday May 3, 12 p.m.
Disclosure of hidden stigmas, workplace diversity and discrimination


The mission of the ACCR DEIJ Lecture Series is to increase consciousness and facilitate discussions surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in science, medicine, and academia to enable sustainable change within the Rockefeller community.