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Laboratory of Cell Cycle Genetics


The work in the lab all concerns cell cycle control, using the budding yeast model system. Many aspects of cell cycle control are conserved across eukaryotes.

Work from many labs over the past few decades has established most or all of the major components controlling the cell cycle, and much has been learned about how they interact. For a slide show illustrating sequence of cell cycle events keyed to the state of internal regulatory machinery, click here. To see images of real cells (labeled with fluorescent tubulin in blue to mark the mitotic spindle, and with fluorescent type II myosin to label the bud neck, site of cytokinesis) click here.

Work in the lab focuses on control of cell cycle initiation (Start), on control of initiation of mitosis by mitotic cyclin-dependent kinase, and on exit from mitosis leading to birth of new cells.

An important tool recently developed for this work, in collaboration with Eric Siggia (Center for Physics and Biology), is quantitative time-lapse fluorescent microscopy over multiple cell-cycle timescales. For a gallery of movies, click here.

The people in the lab, and recent ‘graduates’, can be found here; from there you can find descriptions of their individual projects, which together make up everything that’s been going on in the lab, as we continue working on understanding the cell cycle and how it is regulated.

For a 1999-vintage view of the yeast cell cycle, click here.

Current Lab Members (7)

Michal Breker
Frederick Cross
Beth A. Hatton
Bic H. Leung
Kresti Pecani
Sahand Jamal Rahi
Noriko Ueki