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Technology Transfer

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What is Technology Transfer?

At The Rockefeller University, technology transfer involves the movement of research results from the laboratory toward the marketplace.

Why does The Rockefeller University engage in Technology Transfer?

Universities engage in technology transfer for five reasons:

  1. To promote the application of the results of scientific research for the public good;
  2. To recruit, reward, and retain faculty interested in seeing their technologies further developed;
  3. To provide opportunities for exchanges of information and materials with industry;
  4. To promote economic development; and
  5. To generate an income stream for reinvestment into research and teaching.

What does the Office of Technology Transfer do?

The Office of Technology Transfer is a service department of the University that facilitates the protection and further development of technologies developed by personnel of the University. Patentable inventions, tangible materials and copyrighted materials are transferred to the for-profit sector for further development into useful commercial products and services.

If you would like the opportunity to discuss the research capabilities and technologies available at The Rockefeller University with a representative, please contact us.


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