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Disclose a technology

Please read through these guidelines before deciding on your next steps. Depending on the level of readiness of your research, there are two options for how to engage OTT:

  1. Talk with someone in OTT about the best time to submit a disclosure on the idea.
  2. Submit a technology disclosure, either a Tangible Materials Disclosure Form or a Technology Disclosure Form.

How to decide:

  1. When you submit a formal disclosure to OTT, it starts a clock with respect to reporting requirements to the Federal government, if there was Federal funding. There may also be reporting requirements to other funding sources, including foundations or other non-profit entities. Unless you have been through this many times and are familiar with our processes, OTT strongly suggests that you speak with one of the Business Development & Licensing professionals prior to submitting a disclosure to the office. By selecting “Talk with someone in OTT” above, you will be able to initiate a conversation about the best timing.
  2. If you do not yet have any data showing that an idea works, it likely is too early to file a patent application. Ideas are not patent eligible subject matter. However, we would still suggest discussing your idea with someone in our office so that we can follow along with your research and provide guidance if you are thinking your research may be following a route of potentially commercial relevance. Please select the “Talk with someone in OTT” link above.
  3. If you plan to have any public disclosure (journal, online publishing, poster session, open seminar at Rockefeller or elsewhere) in the near future, please submit a formal technology disclosure using the link above. If that public disclosure is to take place in less than 2 weeks, please also email and so that OTT can be fully informed of the abbreviated timeline.


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