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SNP Application Materials

Application Procedure

Interested applicants should submit two online forms: one that is filled out by the student and one submitted by a teacher or mentor reference. Links to both forms are below. Please note that applications missing either form are counted as incomplete, and will not be considered.

We seek motivated, mature, and inquisitive students, irrespective of previous scholastic achievement or experience with science. We encourage applications from students with otherwise limited opportunities to explore their scientific interests. SNP directors will contact a subset of applicants in early April to arrange a virtual interview, and will select a final class of sixteen students to participate in SNP.

2022 Program Dates:

August 15-26, 2022, meeting Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must be enrolled in a New York City public high school, and must be at least 16 years of age at the start of the program — we cannot make exceptions!


Fill out the application form below and approach a mentor to complete the corresponding reference form. Please note that you only need one mentor to act as a reference. Your mentor can be any adult in your community who knows you well, and does not necessarily need to be associated with science (e.g. could be a boss, faith leader, English teacher, etc.) Feel free to contact us at with any questions, concerns, or if you do not have someone to write a reference for you.

Teachers and Mentors:

SNP is run by graduate students who love nothing more than as-yet unanswered questions. We share a thorough introduction to the brain and current research in the field of neuroscience, while emphasizing the research process and the power of scientific inquiry. As such, we don’t necessarily look for “straight A” students, but rather those who flourish when allowed to exercise their creativity, curiosity, and independence. Do you know a student who would be a good fit for our program? Please recommend them by filling out the reference form below! (And let the student know so that they can fill out an application.)

Required Application Materials:

Reference Form to be filled out by the teacher/mentor
Student Application to be filled out by the student.

Applications that are incomplete by 11:59 PM on March 20, 2022 will not be considered.

We will invite a subset of applicants for a virtual interview by the second week of April 2022.

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns about the application.


Contact Us

Summer Neuroscience Program
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue, Box 243
New York, NY 10065-6399