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RockEDU Presents (ON HOLD)

Please Note: The RockEDU Presents Lecture Series has been temporarily suspended until further notice due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back soon for exciting information on a new, virtual initiative – LAB Backstage.

RockEDU’s Science Cafe Series for High School Students
RockEDU Presents is a teen science cafe series geared to a high school audience.

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Mark your calendar for the third Friday of every month!

You can also see some of our incredible former RockEDU Presents speakers below:

RockEDU Presents: Dementia
RockEDU Presents: The Neuroscience of Alcohol Addiction
RockEDU Presents: Live Podcast with Bacteria Biologist Victor Torres
RockEDU Presents Carnal Knowledge
RockEDU Presents Fishing for DNA
RockEDU Presents Risk at Failing
diversity and inclusion
RockEDU Presents Don't Stress
RockEDU Presents Civil Engineering

Most previous RockEDU Presents will soon be archived to youtube! Check out RockEDU Presents’ Youtube channel for past event highlights and sign up for our newsletter to get announcements for content recently added online.

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