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Rockefeller University takes pride in its leadership position in world science, and rightly so. How many other institutions can claim such far reaching impact on the advancement of biomedical knowledge? The University library – Markus Library – also strives to advance knowledge by supporting our University’s world class research community with technology, innovation, and collaboration in the field of science information and communication. Our new website, designed to be effective, efficient, appealing, and interactive is created to be a model for other 21st century academic libraries supporting an intense and competitive research environment. We have organized our site to bring forward those products and services in greatest demand – such as the available electronic journals. We have made space to create subject oriented portals to provide even more focused direct support to the laboratories. We have created entirely new resources, such as a digital reference library of selected web-based resources.

As busy as we have been enhancing and expanding our digital library, we have not forgotten our physical library in the process. We realize that instant access at the desktop is one need, and space to meet, collaborate, study, and write is another. Our plans for the future include also enhancing our physical library to meet the needs of our graduate students and post doctoral candidates. We already offer spaces that are traditional and elegant with beautiful architectural appointments, and also modern and efficient with WIFI and public access computers, printers and scanners.

The most important part of the library? Our expert staff. Dedicated to making this a world class research library worthy of our parent organization. Dedicated to providing these virtual and physical resources and places that YOU need to make Rockefeller science the world leader in biomedical research that it is.

In Welch Hall or the web, welcome to Markus Library.

Matthew V. Covey

University Librarian


The Rita & Frits Markus Library
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue
RU Box 263
New York, NY 10065