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BD LSRII-1 UV Laser Operation

NOTE: If the UV laser needs to be “on” for your experiment (Indo, Hoechst, AF350, CellTrace Calcein Blue AM, LIVE/DEAD Fixable Blue, etc.) please make sure to follow the steps explained below.

  1. For the first time please make sure to be trained by the FCRC staff on this procedure. Training takes about 5 minutes and no advance scheduling is necessary (business days, 9 am – 5 pm).
  2. For the following attempts please follow the written instructions below:
    1. Check if UV laser is “on” or “off” by opening the BD LSRII-1 lid and placing the “gloved” hand into the UV laser path;
    2. If the UV laser is “on” proceed on step 2d;
    3. If the UV laser is “off”, you need to turn it “on”:
      1. Double-click on the “BD Coherent Connection” icon on the desktop;
      2. When the “BD Coherent Connection” interface fully opens, click the button “Laser ON” and wait a few seconds until the UV laser’s power meter shows 19-20 mW;
      3. Minimize the “BD Coherent Connection” window (Do NOT close the program);
      4. Wait 15 minutes for the data acquisition to make sure that the laser is completely warmed-up and stabilized;
    4. Proceed on the item 5 from the “BD LSRII and BD LSR-Fortessa Maintenance Guidelines”.
  3. After the data acquisition is finished make sure to switch off the UV laser by maximizing the Coherent icon and clicking “Laser OFF” button on its user interface.