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Cell Sorting and ImageStream-X Schedule (effective 06/26/17)




1 Online Self-Booking

2 FCRC ImageStream Waiting List Form

3 FCRC Sort Waiting List Form

* Tuesday schedules on Aria-3 and ImageStream-X are tentatively open on both instruments; the FCRC will run one of them. As soon as one of them gets the first session booked the alternative instrument’s schedule gets blocked.



For booking, reschedule and cancel, please refer to the JumpStart.

The FCRC will endeavor to accommodate your sorting and IS-X needs and will, when possible, customize the FCRC Cell Sorting and IS-X Schedule to do so. If you need to book time on the FCRC instrument and the desired time is not available for booking on FCRC-PPMS, please use two options available.

Two possibilities to get time booked on FCRC instrument when the desired time is not available for booking