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Updates on the University COVID-19 response and operations available here.
Updates on the University COVID-19 response and operations available here.
Updates on the University COVID-19 response and operations available here.

W&S Partners in Discovery

Over the past 25 years, Women & Science Partners in Discovery donors have raised more than $50 million in support of talented women pursuing careers in the sciences at Rockefeller University. Supporters provide crucial funding for women graduate fellows and postdoctoral investigators, faculty recruitment, and other important resources for women scientists at the university.

In 2019, Women & Science established the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund (Kellen WEF), a new leading-edge program that to encourage more women to develop the translational and entrepreneurial potential of their research at the university.

Women & Science also recognizes the Bulgari Corporation of America for its leadership grant in 2020 that created The Bulgari Women & Science Fund to Accelerate COVID-19 Research. This three-year grant includes fellowships for women graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and supports the development and clinical testing of new coronavirus therapeutics, including drugs and treatments to help combat SARS-CoV-2.

2022–2023 W&S Donors

Centennial Laureate ($100,000+)

Denise and Michael Kellen Foundation
Elena and Roger Matthews
Simons Foundation International
Lulu C. Wang

Laureate ($50,000+)

Marlene Hess

Visionary ($25,000+)

Debra Black
Caroline Rivers Curry
Margo Doyle and Sunil Dhaliwal
Molly Ford
Mary P. Moran
Robin Chemers Neustein
David Newberger
Sydney R. and Stanley S. Shuman

Pathfinder ($10,000+)

1919 Investment Counsel, LLC
Emily Chen Carrera
Judith M. Carson
Cheryl Cohen Effron
Carol B. Einiger
The Glickenhaus Foundation
Agnes Gund
Diane K. Halvorsen
Jessica Hopfield, Ph.D.
Jessica Hopfield and Jim Cleary
Sandra J. Horbach
Joelle M. Kayden
Karen M. Levy
Joyce H. Lowinson, M.D.
Elena A. Matthews
Nancy C. Paduano
Virginia Pellicci, M.D.
Paula Volent

Pioneer ($5,000+)

Holly S. Andersen, M.D.
Paula K. Cleary
Debra S. Heinrich, Ed.D.
Phyllis (Patti) A. Klein
Teena L. Lerner, Ph.D.
Kathy Mele
Katherine S. Overlock
Victoria Perla and Paul Guyardo
Béatrice Philippe
Gail Hunt Reeke
Sara Lee Schupf
Anita Volz Wien

Investigator ($2,500+)

Mary D. Brust, R.N.
Abby Joseph Cohen
Hélène Comfort
Cynthia Young Eberstadt
Linda Fan
Susan C. Frunzi, Esq.
Barbara Georgescu
Jean D. Hamilton
Susan Mark
The V & L Marx Foundation
Anne R. Stevens
Mary S. Sykes
Carolyn and Malcolm Wiener

Friend ($1,000+)

Betsy Barbanell
Lauren Belfer
Marilyn Breslow
Drs. Bobbi and Barry Coller
Barbara K. Debs
Roz Feder M.D., Ph.D.
Geraldine D. Fox
Elaine V. Fuchs, Ph.D.
Lee White Galvis
Judith S. Goldstein
Joan Shapiro Green
Jean D. Hamilton
Sylvia R. Karasu, M.D.
Janine Luke
Linda R. Macaulay
Drs. Svetlana Mojsov and
    Michel Nussenzweig
Bettye M. Musham
Harriet S. Rabb
Jean and Douglas Renfield-Miller
Sandra Rippe
Donna and Barnett Rukin
Katherine Sieh-Takata
Carla H. Skodinski
Ann M. Spruill
Eliot Stewart
Elizabeth R. Varet
Hermine Warren
Evelene Wechsler
Marcia S. Wilson
Judy Francis Zankel
Xiaokui Zhang, Ph.D.
Silvia Zoullas

Contributor ($500+)

Noreen Buckfire
Antoinette Guerrini-Maraldi
Alice B. Hicks
Kathryn Holmes
Bruce Krueger
Mary L. Ledbetter, Ph.D., ‘72
Ilene J. Leff
Susan Lowry
Marcia McLean
Barbara Medaugh
Susan R. Palm
Catherine K. Price
Elizabeth M. Sherman
Patricia Smith
Mrs. Frederick A. Terry, Jr.

Supporter (Up to $499)

Anne Addison
R. Ellen Avellino
Sandra Berlstein
Marilyn Budzanoski
Phyllis Chernin
Edith M. de Montebello
Pamela Drexel
Arlene Ferris
Merrie S. Frankel
Teresa Gaudio
Julia Herr
Catherine A. Kerr
Annetta Kimball, M.D.
Margaret MacDonald, M.D., Ph.D.
Robert McGrath
Cynthia T. Mills‡
Marcia R. Mishaan
Maggi Pack
Shelia Palevsky, M.D., M.P.H., and Joe Ingram
Nancy J. Phillips
Marylou Selo
Sharon Spaight
Silda Wall Spitzer
Penelope Taylor
Susan Weingast
Amy Wilkerson
Mary Yedlin
Michele Zwrin

Gifts as of March 24, 2023

Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund
‡ Mary Jeanne Kreek W&S Fellowship