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The Bulgari Women & Science Fund to Accelerate COVID-19 Research

The Rockefeller University is honored that Bulgari, a brand synonymous with excellence, has become a lead supporter of women scientists who are conducting innovative research to identify new treatments and a cure for COVID-19. Bulgari’s longstanding philanthropic commitment to the advancement of women parallels Rockefeller’s own dedication to promoting the careers of the
university’s women scientists.

Bulgari’s support of Rockefeller women scientists has the potential to catalyze new COVID-19 research efforts and expedite others. The Fund includes:

    • Bulgari Women & Science Fellowships in COVID-19 Research in support of women graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in laboratories conducting COVID-19 research.
    • A Bulgari Clinical Fund for the development and clinical testing of new therapies, drugs, and vaccines to combat COVID-19 and related coronavirus strains.

Bulgari Women & Science Fellows


Melissa Cipolla

Melissa Cipolla

Graduate Fellow
Laboratory of Molecular Immunology
headed by Michel C. Nussenzweig, M.D., Ph.D.


Sandra Nakandakari

Graduate Fellow
Laboratory of Lymphocyte Dynamics
headed by Gabriel Victoria, Ph.D.


Inna Ricardo-Lax, Ph.D.

Research Associate
Laboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease
headed by Charles Rice, Ph.D.

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