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High Throughput and Spectroscopy Center

The High Throughput and Spectroscopy Center (HTSRC) guides researchers in drug discovery by improving the efficiency of their bioassays, identifying compounds and genetic modulators of function, and in utilizing core technologies typically applied to biochemical analysis. The center has a collection of 420,000 compounds, automated liquid transfer devices, compound databases, and supports a broad diversity of assay development techniques, typically found in early drug discovery programs. (RRID:SCR_020985)  The Center also has spectroscopic and calorimetric equipment for use in studies of the structure, function and interactions of biological and organic molecules. (RRID:SCR_020988)
Please contact our staff at if you are interested in using our facility and booking time on our instruments.

Link to HTSRC 2019 Annual Report
Link to HTSRC Assay Development Guide


The HTS Process


The HTSRC provides scientific and technical support and access to instrumentation in the following areas:

    • assay cascades used in drug discovery projects
    • miniaturized assay development
    • high throughput liquid handling
    • high-throughput screening
    • identifying tool compounds or lead compounds for drug discovery
    • measuring the kinetics and thermodynamics of biomolecular interactions

Initiating a project with us

If you are interested in setting up an HTS/drug discovery project or utilizing our spectroscopic instruments please contact Assay development and screening typically require a significant financial and time commitment and advance discussions are needed to prepare for the project. This resource center is a shared facility supported by Weill-Cornell Medical College and Rockefeller University, and we welcome clients from those institutions. Due to a high demand for our services, we can  accept projects from outside institutions only on a case-by-case basis. The HTSRC does not currently support research in conjunction with for-profit entities.

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