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Fisher Drug Discovery Resource Center

The Fisher Drug Discovery Resource Center’s (DDRC) objective is to offer resources that facilitate the discovery of new compounds capable of modulating specific drug targets for therapeutic purposes. Furthermore, it aims to assist in understanding the mechanisms of action of these compounds and establishing the connection between their structure and activity. Ultimately, our goal is to publish or patent novel findings that contribute to global drug discovery efforts.

The center staff guides and supports our researchers in drug discovery by improving the efficiency of their bioassays, identifying compounds for drug refinement and development, understanding the targets for drugs, and in providing technologies for the measurement of drug/receptor interactions. The center has a collection of 500,000 drug-like compounds, along with semi-automated liquid pipetting devices, and bioassay instruments for supporting drug discovery programs.  The center has expertise and instrumentation for studies of the interactions of drugs with their targets. (RRID:SCR_020985)

The DDRC supports investigations in the following areas:

    • developing assay cascades for drug discovery projects
    • miniaturized assay development
    • high-throughput screening
    • identifying compounds for drug discovery or biomedical research
    • measuring the kinetics and thermodynamics of biomolecular interactions

Fisher Drug Discovery Resource Center Lecture, June 1, 2022

Meeting Recording:  KJUW91Vou-WhkgHfc6ssTIT1mu6UcE.5Wx3SS_Db-6ijxTQ

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The high-throughput screening process


J. Fraser Glickman, M.S.P.H., Ph.D.

Director, Research Associate Professor

The Rockefeller University
Box 203
1230 York Ave
New York, NY 10065

Fisher Drug Discovery Resource Center
Bronk Laboratory
DWB Room 216