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Welcome to Rockefeller University's Residential Network (ResNet)

Rockefeller University’s Residential Network (ResNet) offers, high-speed broadband Internet access for residents in university housing. ResNet is maintained by the Rockefeller University’s Housing and Information Technology (IT) departments in partnership with Time Warner Cable.

A Getting Started Guide is available to help you configure your computer for Internet access. All ResNet users are subject to the terms and conditions set forth by Time Warner Cable.

To use ResNet, read and sign the ResNet Acceptable Usage Policy, and return it to the front desk. Use of ResNet is optional. Residents may obtain service from the Internet Service Provider of their choice.

Connecting to the Campus Network
Since ResNet is not part of the RU network, to connect to campus resources from ResNet, use Virtual Private networking (VPN) is required. Rockefeller users can either download VPN software from the IT web site or use the web based VPN ( to access internal Rockefeller websites. If you host or plan to host your own server on ResNet, please note that there will be no static IP addresses or firewall on ResNet. You will need to use a dynamic DNS service such as or to assign a name to your dynamic IP. A client will be installed on the server to inform the DNS service of any IP changes. ResNet should not be used to run lab/departmental servers.

Virus Protection
The Rockefeller University has an agreement with Time Warner that requires RU to protect ResNet against breaches or attempts to breach network security. If a computer infected by a virus, Trojan, worm or other threat is detected, your ResNet connection may be disabled to control the spread of infection. Best effort will be made to notify residents prior to disconnecting the computer from the network, however, some cases may require immediate, emergency action. Written notification with additional information and instructions will be delivered to you if a virus is detected. Your computer must be free of infection before ResNet access can be restored. Rockefeller staff and students can download anti-virus and anti-spyware software from the IT Web site.

Technical Support
Because ResNet is a residential service, and not an extension of the Rockefeller University network, users are responsible for maintaining their computers and peripheral devices (such as routers, hubs and printers), and resolving any related issues. Support services provided by The Rockefeller University are limited to ensuring that ResNet is “on” and working properly, that is, service up to the jack. If you experience a service interruption, contact the Housing Department during normal business hours to test your connection at 212-327-7544.

If the trouble is with your personal equipment, refer to the troubleshooting tips included in the Getting Started Guide or contact an outside computer support technician for remote or in-home service. A list of computer support vendors is included in your guide.

Please note that the Rockefeller University IT department is not authorized or allowed to perform any service beyond the jack.

Also note that network slowness may be experienced during peak usage times (typically weekday evenings and weekends) and does not necessarily indicate a problem with the network.