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Rockefeller University provides a variety of housing accommodations in support of the scientific needs of the University. Apartments and dormitories are available to full-time faculty, students and members of the scientific community, and hotel accommodations are available for faculty and guests of the Rockefeller community. The goals of the University’s Housing Department are to provide members of the Rockefeller community with a home that is:

  • conveniently located near the laboratories to support faculty’s scientific research
  • a safe and secure residence
  • affordable to members of the Rockefeller community
  • responsive to the needs of employee’s families and children

The demand for housing at Rockefeller University is extremely high and, although all students and faculty members are entitled to housing, there is often a waiting list and not everyone gets their first choice of apartment. It is important to apply for housing as early as possible before your employment on campus begins. Students must apply for housing after admission through the Dean’s office and are guaranteed housing.

Most of the University’s apartments are located in full-service apartment buildings, with door staff and a variety of amenities. A few smaller apartment buildings are located within a short walking distance from campus. Dormitories and guest accommodations are located on the main campus. While the Rockefeller campus is located on the Upper East Side, one of New York’s most desirable residential neighborhoods, the University strives to keep its housing as affordable as possible.

Rockefeller University housing is available to Rockefeller University faculty, students and members of the scientific community. Applications for housing can be obtained from the office of Immigration and Academic Affairs. If you have questions about Rockefeller housing, please contact